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VIP Position is a unique system that will help anyone looking to enter into the Network Marketing Industry giving them the ability to build their team BEFORE you join the “official” Opportunity.


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What are the benefits for you when you build your team
with VIP Position?

1. You can build your team BEFORE you join the official Opportunity.

2. You will enjoy commissions from day one once you and your team join the official Opportunity, no waiting months to make your first commission cheque.

3. Enjoy rank promotion within months rather than years with the Opportunity


How to get started

1. Register for FREE by clicking the Join button.

2. Go to your email inbox and click the link to make your VIP Position website “Live”.

3. Share your VIP Position website with family, friends, work colleagues, leaders, team builders, and Internet marketers, the more people you share your website with, the BIGGER your team.

4. The more people you personally register via your VIP Position website, the larger your potential income will be when you are offered the official Opportunity.

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